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Aim Electronics

Value Added - Cable Assemblies - Ect.

Terminating Instructions for BNC, TNC, & N Co-Axial Connectors

Note: Please excuse the poor quality pictures in this section, but this is all that AIM supplied us with.

Universal Serial Bus

USB Cables

USB Voice & Data Accessories

USB Hubs

Category 5 & Fiber Optic Products

Modular Voice & Data Cat 1 - 5

CAT5 Fiber Optic Duct Raceway & Accessories

Fiber Optic Connectors & Accessories
Fiber Optic Cables
SC - ST Fiber Optic Cables

Category 5 Cables

Multiport Patch Panels & Patch Boxes

Telephone Blocks, Cords, Wire, & Connectors

110 Blocks, Cables, & Connectors

Telephone Installation Products

50 Pin Telco Connectors
V.35 Connectors

Cable Testers

Modular, Network,& Telephone Cable Testers
Network & Modular Cable Testers
Twisted Pair Ethernet Detector

Power Supplies / Adaptors

AC-DC Adaptors
Metered Power Supplies
Power Inverters

Power Strips

Surge Protection

Professional Series Connectors

BNC Crimp on Connectors and Adaptors
(2 & 3 Piece - M & F)

BNC Twist-on Connectors and Adaptors
(Right Angle, M & F)

Twin-Ax Connectors and Adaptors

N Connectors and Adaptors

General Purpose Connectors

Din & MiniDin

Dss, Audio & Video Accessories

BNC 75 Ohm Connectors and Adaptors

"F" Series 75 Ohm Connectors and Adaptors

(50 Ohm Connectors and Adaptors)

BNC Connectors
(Crimp, Twist, & Standard Types)

Terminators & Attenuator Pads

TWIN-AX Connectors & Adaptors

Rotating Nipple Connectors & Adaptors

TNC Co-Axial Connectors & Adaptors

N Connectors & Adaptors

UHF Connectors & Adaptors

Mini UHF Connectors & Adaptors

SMA Connectors, Adaptors, & Cables
SMB Connectors, Adaptors, & Cables
MCX Connectors

Modular Adaptors

Boots & Hoods

Ribbon Style Connectors

IDC - Dual Row Socket Connectors (Headers)

IDC - DIP Plug Connectors

PC Board Card Edge Connectors

Wall Plates

Dss, Audio, & Video Wallplates
Telephone Modular Wallplates

Stainless Steel Wallplates

Racks, Brackets & Wire Management Accessories

Open Bay Racks
Wire Management Systems
Wall Mounting Brackets
Shelves, Etc.

Cable Assemblies & Accessories

Computer Hook-Up Cables (Serial, Parallel, BNC & Speciality)
SCSI Cables
SCSI Terminators

MATV / TV / VIDEO / VCR - Coaxial Cables
Stereo, Audio, Video, & Speaker Cables
Audio Cables & Special Adaptor Cables
"Y" / RCA / Mini-Jacks / Alligator Clips

D-Sub Connectors & Accessories

D-Sub Connectors

D-Sub Hoods

D-Sub Hardware

Computer Accessories

Gender Changers & Adaptors

Computer Switch Boxes

Computer Power Cords


Punch Down Tools

Modular & Telephone Crimp Tools
Cutters, Strippers, Crimpers, Pliers, & Misc.
Hex Ratchet Crimp Tools
"F" SeriesCrimp Tools
Wiring Tackers & Staplers
D-Sub Crimp Tools
IDC Crimp Tools

Co-Ax Cable Strippers

Crimp Tool Kits
Screw Driver Kits
Precision Knife Set

Solder, Specialty Solder, & Solder Wick
Tools & Soldering Iron Tips

Antistatic Products

TV / VCR /
Cable / Satellite / Distribution
Combiners / Splitters / Amplifiers

5-2050 MHz Combiner / Splitters
T.V. / Light Industrial / Residential / Satellite
Amplified & Non Amplified

Broadband, Distribution, & Drop Amplifiers

UHF/VHF Splitters
75-300 Ohm Matching Transformers

Coaxial Switches - Electronic & Mechanical

Grounding Material

Signal Combiners
RF Modulators

Installation Kits (Cable - TV - Telephone)

Cordless Phone

Replacement Batteries


Alligator Clips & Test Clips

Banana Plugs & Jacks

PA Horns & Trumpets