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VOICE & DATA ETHERtest (Twisted Pair Ethernet Detector)
Diagnose Ethernet Problems Fast
Save your expensive repair time

Model: 24-519

The ETHERtest is a hand-held tester designed to prevent expensive troubleshooting and system down time, especially, in mission critical implementation. By connecting your computer or Hub to ETHERtest and running just two simple tests, you may quickly diagnose whether the trouble is coming from the computer end or the remote location. Time is money and specialist charges are expensive. With ETHERtest you can cut this expense in half.

  1. Quickly diagnose eithernet networks.
  2. Plug and test.
  3. Easy operation.
  4. Save time = Save money.
  1. Standard: Conforming to IEEE 802.3 Ethernet.
  2. Interface: 10Base-T.
  3. Test distance: Maximum 100M (328 ft.) on either side.
  4. Connectors: RJ45 female. One to computer, One to hub. (Note: Do not connect computer and hub to both connectors at the same time.)
  5. Indicators: Link status, Receive Data, Polarity, Power, Battery Low.
  6. Test controls: Push button switch.
  7. Power: 9V DC alkaline battery (Optional).
  8. Size: 115x63x26mm (4.53" x2.49" x1.03")
  9. Weight: 0.18 kgs (0.40lb.)