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From now on the complicated cables on your PC may be replaced by a unique USB cable (Universal Serial Bus Cable) which consists of only four conductors. It was designed to link your external devices, such as telephone, keyboard, mouse, modem, joystick, audio, printer, scanner, external CD ROM or hard disc drive etc., up to 127 nodes can be linked to a single bus configuration. USB is a new user friendly access external bus which simplifies the cable set up and configuration of your PC and communication system. A full rated cable can be operated up to 12Mbs signaling. This is the next generation of connectivity for future computers and communication systems.

  1. Full line of Universal Serial Bus plugs, receptacles, cable assemblies and CPU rear brackets with two series A receptacles and internal cable assembly.
  2. Series A and B plugs and receptacles.
  3. Single and double stacked Series A receptacles.
  4. A variety of USB Cable Assemblies are available in various standard and custom lengths.

Cable Requirements:
Standard USB cable: one pair of 20-28 AWG wire for power distribution (low or full speed) and one pair of 28 AWG wire twisted, with a shield and overall jacket (full speed) For signal distribution.

    Full Rated Cable
  1. 28 AWG stranded - Twisted pair
  2. Non Twist - One pair per stranded selected as needed for proper DC power distribution
  3. Shield: Required for EMI/RFI compliance. Suggest aluminum/mylar wrap with a 28 AWG drain wire and 65% min. coverage tinned copper braid with a 100% foil shield
Type Part Number Length
A Plug to A Plug 30-3003-3
3 feet
6 feet
10 feet
A Plug to B Plug 30-3004-3
3 feet
6 feet
10 feet