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BlockMaster Electronics is proud to introduce our newest series of exciting products: Panel Feed-Through Terminal Blocks. The Panel Feed-Through Series allows the designer to completely separate the electrical element of a product from the outside world or field connections. In many new designs of motor drives and switching power supplies, it is desirable to separate "noisy" electronics from the outside world. For products such as medical imaging, motion and robotic control motor generator sets, and various high power switching outputs that must meet domestic and international EMI/RFI requirements, our Panel Feed-Through Series is the answer.

Field wiring is outside your enclosure and your products' circuits can be inside a shielded cabinet or box. The MPT line of Feed-Through Terminal Blocks is available with ratings from 24A/450V to 150A/1000V in a series of 10 unique modules. A variety of push-on tab, solder and screw terminations are also available.

Standard color is gray with various other NEMA colors available on special order. Mounting to panels is accomplished with knurled-nut, snap-on wedges or mounting screws depending on the current rating of the module. The individual modules may be snapped together to make a multiple connection module.

MPT Series

ProductPitch (mm)Description
Rising Clamp
MPT2757,5Vertical modular with clip
MPT41010Vertical modular with clip
MPT61010Vertical modular with clip
MPT101010Vertical modular with clip
MPT410-D10Vertical modular with clip
MPT610-D10Vertical modular with clip
MPT1010-D10Vertical modular with clip
MPT161212,21Vertical modular with clip
MPT251515,1Vertical modular with clip
MPT501818,8Vertical modular with clip
Snap On Wedges (Not Included)
CMR7527,52 poles snap-on clip
CMR7537,52 poles snap-on clip
CMR102102 poles snap-on clip
CMR103102 poles snap-on clip