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  1. CIM Ejector headers for use with CIF and CVF plugs.
  2. The Ejector eases removal of longer position plugs or plugs in difficult to reach places.
  3. Safer than pulling directly on the plug.
  4. Operated by pressing both red Ejector levers simultaneously.
  5. 2 to 21 position single mold (5/5.08).
  6. 2 styles available.
  7. Key coding capable.
  8. Housing is resistant to chlorinated solvents, with no dioxin or detrimental to health halogens.
  9. Every position of this product is mechanically and electrically tested during assembly to ensure a 100% defect free product.
  10. Minimum 5 microns of tin plating on terminal for easy soldering.
CIM-E Series


16 Positions
Right Angle Style
5,08mm Spacing

Current (5/5.08):12A @300V
Pin dimension:1mm x 1mm
CR:<15m ohms
IR:>109 ohms (500V DC)
Operating temp:-40°C to+110°C
PCB holes:min 1.4mm
PCB thickness:max 2.4mm
Climactic category:40/110/21 Acc. to IEC 68-1
Insertion force:max 3 N
Disconnecting force:min 1.5N
Housing:Polyamide 6, 6 (UL94V-0)
Terminal pin:Bronze, Tin plated
Colors Available:Green


Consult Beckwith Electronics for marking options.

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