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Standard DIP sockets are available with solder tail or wire wrap pins, all with bifurcated contacts. Consult Data Sheet No. 12005 for wire wrap pins.
Aries offers these standard DIP sockets in more sizes than any other manufacturer.

Socket body is red UL 94-HB Glass-filled Nylon. Consult Beckwith Electronics for UL 94V-0 rated material.
Bifurcated contacts are Grade A spring-tempered Phosphor Bronze per QQ-B-750.
Contact plating is either 50-150 u [1.27-3.81 um] 60/40 Tin/Lead Alloy, or 10 u [.25 um] min. Gold per MIL-G-45204 over 50 u [1.27 um] min. Nickel per QQ-N-290.
Contact current rating=1 Amp.
Operating temperature:
    221°F [105°C] Tin plating,
    257°F [125°C] Gold plating.
Insertion Force=110 grams/pin average; Withdrawal Force = 75 grams/pin average.
Accepts flat leads up to.014 thk. x .020 wide [.36 x .51], round leads up to .020 [.51] in diameter.
Socket accepts lead lengths from seating plane from .075-.160 [1.91-4.06].

Suggested PCB hole size=.035 + .002 [.89 + .05]. dia.

"A"= No. of Pins per Row X .100 [2.54] +.050 [1.27]
"B"= (No. of Pins per Row - 1) X .100 [2.54]

Series 511
Standard DIP Sockets
with Solder Tail
Bifurcated Contacts

Selection Table and Drawings


22 Pins
.600 Row Spacing
Solder Tail
Gold Collet, Tin Shell