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Aries Electronics

Complete versatility for programming within the unit itself...thus eliminating the need for dip switches in many situations.
Available pre-programmed from Aries, or do it yourself using Aries' hand tool No. T-680. Consult Data sheet No. 22002 for programming tool information.
Available with plain (solid) or "top-slot" press-on covers. Plain covers protect programs while "top-slot" covers allow programming of opposing pins through square openings on top.

Body and cover are red UL 94-HB Glass-filled Nylon. Consult Beckwith Electronics for UL 94V-0 rated material.
Pins are brass alloy, 3/4 hard.
Pin plating is 50-150 u [1.27-3.81 u] 60/40 Tin/Lead Alloy.
Current rating = 1 Amp.
Operating temperature = 221°F [105oC]

Suggested PCB hole size= .032 +.002 [.81 +.05] dia.

"A"= (No. of Pins per Row X .100 [2.54] ) + .050 [1.27]
"B"= (No. of Pins per Row - 1) X .100 [2.54]

Series 680
Program Headers
and Covers

Selection Table and Drawings


6 Pins
Tin Plated
Pre-Assembled to Header