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MaxiFlo Series FSA Network Server Cabinets
Premier Maxiflow Series FSA slotted door cabinets are designed to house 19-inch rack-mounted servers, as well as tower configured systems. Plexiglass front door with slots, a perforated steel rear door and a perforated top panel assure maximum airflow. Fans or blowers can be added. Side panels easily lift off for component accessibility and cabinet ganging.

Series FSA cabinets include a frame with two pairs of adjustable panel mounting angles (tapped 10-32 or with provisions for 6 mm cage nuts.) Specify type of panel mounting angles required when ordering 10-32 or 6 mm.

Example: FSA-7319-29-10-32 or 6 mm

Casters make this cabinet easily movable, and even the tallest model fits under most door heights. Anti-tip devices are available for increased stability. Door locks ensure equipment protection.

Models are available in a range of sizes. Heights are 73- 1/2 inches (42 U) or 77 inches (44 U.) 19-inch panel widths are available with depths of 29 and 36 inches.

Premier Maxiflow Series FSA cabinets are supported by a full range of accessories.

Ordering Information
Panel Height
19" Panel Width
29" Panel to
Panel Depth
36" Panel to
Panel Depth
73 1/2" FSA-7319-29 FSA-7319-36
77 FSA-7719-29 FSA-7719-36

Ordering Information
V.P. Space
FSA-7319-29 79 5/8 30 73 9/16 19 1/16
FSA-7719-29 83 1/8 30 77 1/16 19 1/16
FSA-7319-36 79 5/8 37 73 9/16 19 1/16
FSA-7719-36 83 1/8 37 77 1/16 19 1/16