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Precision Probes


The Acu-Min® Precision Probes Tips are completely Stainless Steel with needle sharp points to prevent solder from sticking and to maintain sharpness. The hex shaped handles ensure sure grip and prevent rolling. Choice of handle materials. Probes available individually and in sets packaged safely, in a clear plastic tube for your convenience.

Individual Precision Probes
StyleIndividual ProbesOAL10 Mil.
25 Mil.
25 Mil.
1Precision Probe w/ Straight tip (#1)6 1/4"55-178055-175055-1794
2Precision Probe w/ 35° Bent tip (#6)6 3/16"55-178155-175155-1795
3Precision Probe w/ Double Bend, Short tip6 1/8"none55-175255-1798
4Precision Probe w/ Double Bend, Long tip6 1/8"none55-175355-1799
5Precision Probe w/ Hook tip (#23)6 1/16"55-178355-175455-1797
6Precision Probe w/ Triple Bend, Short tip (#17)6 1/8"55-178255-175555-1796
Description25 Mil.
25 Mil.
1,5,63 pc. Precision Probe Set55-028855-1288
1,2,3,54 pc. Precision Probe Set55-028955-1289
1,2,5,64 pc. Precision Probe Set55-029055-1290
1,2,3,4,55 pc. Precision Probe Set55-029155-1291
1,2,4,5,65 pc. Precision Probe Set55-029655-1296
1,2,3,4,5,66 pc. Precision Probe Set55-029255-1292
Description10 Mil.
1,2,5,64 pc. Precision Probe Set with Clear Anodized Aluminum Handles55-1784
25 Mil. Double-Ended Precision ProbesClear Tube
Includes all 4 Double-Ended Probes55-1945
10 mil.25 mil.
For fine pitch applications under 25mil.Great for most standard applications
Available Single-Ended onlyAvailable Single-Ended or Double-Ended
Clear Anodized Aluminum HandlesSingle-Ended Probes have Stainless Steel Handles
Comes with Tip Protectors, for your SafetyDouble-Ended Probes have Blue Anodized Aluminum Handles