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ICC Intervox

Product Overview

The lntervox line of audible signal devices was created in recognition of the diversity of applications and special characteristics designers encounter in today's complex world. Since no one device has the capability of filling every requirement, giving you a breadth of choice has been our goal. The fact is, in virtually every case there is a need to consider output frequency, sound output (SPL), voltage range, power consumption, tone type, housing, mounting, termination, pricing and availability. What's more, the environment in which your product will be used can also effect the choice.

That's why, for the quiet zones found in many institutions to the harsh clatter of industrial plants, lntervox offers a wide range of devices including buzzers, transducers, alarms and drivers. All with clear, rich sound and the quality needed to provide extended use even in the most severe environments. The result is an almost unlimited selection of functions, tones, sizes and mounting styles.

Speakers are also an integral part of the lntervox line because of their inherently broad frequency range. Where transducers or piezos are designed to provide a single tone, the versatility of speakers enables them to be used for multi-tones, voice, and music. lntervox electret condenser microphones are another choice we offer for meeting the burgeoning requirements for computer voice communications.

Best of all, low cost, high quality lntervox audible signal devices are interchangeable with many devices in current use, making them exceptional values. We'll be happy to answer questions regarding the variety of products in this catalog, or respond to your custom design requirements.

Surface Mount
Electro-Acoustic Transducers

The lntervox line of surface mount components is designed for large scale production. These units are packaged tape and reel or in sleeves for automated re-flow processes. Small and lightweight, these devices are perfect for use in cellular phones, pocket pagers, scanners, and any limited space application. They provide the Sound Pressure Levels (SPL) of conventional devices as high as 90dB @ 10 cm. The lntervox range includes both electro-acoustic transducers and piezo types.

Electro-Acoustic Transducers

Carefully constructed using highest quality materials, these extremely small and lightweight Intervox devices are designed to fulfill limited-space requirements without sacrificing sound quality. Some are pin type units that are sealed for wave solder washing and are dispersed from auto insertion carrier tubes for printed circuit applications. For dependability and long life, Intervox miniature transducers are the answer.

Piezo Electric Buzzers

The lntervox Piezo Electric series was created to provide the ultimate in buzzer technology. Distinctive in virtually any environment, these buzzers feature a level of reliability, efficiency and clear, penetrating sound quality that is unavailable in ordinary models. What's more, lntervox piezo electric buzzers are offered in lightweight, compact packages. Some are self-drive types and some are designed with or with-out circuits.

Piezo Electric Sounders

Intervox very high SPL output piezo electric sounders (100dB or greater @ 1 meter) require low power, yet produce clear, powerful sounds. They're designed for a variety of applications with a liberal selection of tones and mountings.

Electronic Buzzers

Designed to eliminate the problems inherent in electromechanical buzzers, lntervox solid- state electronic buzzers are simple, rugged and low cost. Considering these advantages, they still produce a rich, broad sound consistent with a wide variety of requirements. High efficiency custom internal circuits deliver reliable performance and long life. There are no mechanical points to arc or require maintenance. RF noise is non-existent.

Speakers Miniature General Purpose

This category consists of a wide variety of speakers - ranging in size from 1" to 4" in diameter - for voice or tone reproduction. They are the most economical types and can be supplied with alnico, ferrite or rare earth magnets. In round, square and oval configurations.


These speakers are specifically designed for telephone handsets. Durable construction, they are available with alnico, ferrite or rare earth magnets. Some have setback flange mountings.

Shielded Low Leakage

Designed for multimedia PC and television applications, special construction of the magnet and the shield eliminates leakage that can change monitors, floppy disks and other data storage equipment. Available in round, square and oval designs, for voice or music reproduction. Their size permits use in speaker boxes providing excellent high fidelity sound.

Micro-Miniature Low Profile (Height less than 6.5mm)

Due to the demand for handheld computers and other portable devices, Intervox has designed a series of speakers that have a height of less than 6.5mm. In fact, some speakers in this category have a profile as low as 3.5mm. The cone material is a durable mylar.

Sub-Miniature Low Profile (Height more than 6.5mm)

If you require wider frequency ranges and high power ratings, yet want to maintain a low profile, these speakers are an excellent choice. The cone material is available in paper and mylar.

PC Board Mounted

These speakers are designed to be plugged into printed circuit boards and are ideally suited for computer and modem applications. The pin spacing for our model S100RMF-PCR is 5mm and the speaker diameter is 27mm.

Microphones Elements

Intervox range of electret condenser microphones includes omnidirectional, unidirectional and noise cancelling types. Some of these models have a height as low as 3mm.