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The Intervox line of buzzers, speakers and microphones were created to provide the design engineer with the ultimate choices in technology. Designed primarily for OEM applications, they are distinctive in virtually any environment. Featuring a level of reliability, efficiency and clear, penetrating sound quality.

Extremely small, lightweight, and dependable. Designed to fulfill limited space requirements without sacrificing sound quality. Some pin-type units are sealed for wave-solder washing. Intervox has also designed a series of transducers with surface mount technology.

Intervox Piezo Electric Series features a level of reliability and efficiency with clear, penetrating sound quality. These buzzers are offered in lightweight compact sizes from the smallest diameter of 14mm to
Intervox Sounders feature reliability and clear, penetrating sound quality with Sound Pressure Levels (S.P.L.) outputs of 100 dB or greater at 1 meter. Ideal for applications such as Alarms, Machinery, and Equipment Alerts.

These are designed where low frequency sound is required. Ideally suited for auto back-up systems, golf carts, and scooters.

General Purpose which are used in intercoms, telecommunications types for earphones and telephone handsets

Low Leakage Shielded for multimedia PC and television applications

Low Profile Micro-miniature and Sub-miniature are ideally suited for any product where height is limited. Some are PC board mountable and, in some cases, can be supplied with top seal for flow solder wash ability.

Full range of Electret Condenser Microphone elements which can be used in multimedia PC and telephony applications. Available in Omni-directional, Unidirectional, and Noise Canceling. Also available are headsets with boom and various types of microphones that can be used in conjunction with products that have speakers.