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  1. Smallest spacing available.
  2. MSD is green in color with clamp in the open position.
  3. Double captive screws.
  4. Elevator clamp system.
  5. Testing points.
  6. 2 to 12 position single mold.
  7. Housing is resistant to chlorinated solvents, with no dioxin or detrimental to health halogens.
  8. Every position of this product is mechanically and electrically tested during assembly to ensure a 100% defect free product.
  9. Minimum 5 microns of tin plating on terminal for easy soldering.
MSD Series


10 Positions
Marking A

Wire range:16 to 30AWG
Wire section(mm2):0.05 to 1.3mm2
Pin dimension:0.8mm x 0.4mm
CR:<15m ohms
IR:>109 ohms (500V DC)
Operating temp:-40°C to +110°C
Stripping length:4mm
Torque:0.13 Nm
PCB holes:min 1.1mm
PCB thickness:max 2.4mm
Climactic category:40/110/21 Acc. to IEC 68-1
Housing:Polyamide 6,6 (UL94V-0)
Clamp:Copper alloy, Ni plated
Terminal:Copper alloy, Tin plated
Screw:M1.6, copper alloy, Ni plated
Colors available:Green


Adhesive strips not available.
Ink marking by factory (specify in order number):

Factory ink is permanent and will not rub off. Ink has fluorescent tint for greater visibility.
0 = no printing
A = upside down printing (consecutive #'s R to L)
B = regular printing (consecutive #'s L to R)

Selection Table and Drawings