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LY 42MMSpecifications
Torque Range:Up to 150 oz-in
Output Speed:1 to 300 RPM
Standard Voltages:115VAC & 24VAC 50/60 Hz
Insulation Class:UL Class A (105°C)
Dielectric Strength:1200VAC/Sec.
Lead Wire:4 leads 28AWG (aprox. 9 in.)
Operation Ambient Temp:      -10°C ~ +40°C
Gear Unit:Zinc Die Cast - AGMA7 Standard with hardened steel gears
Shaft Bearings:Sleeve bearings
C-UL Recognized:E174872, omponent-impedance Protected Motors 115V standard Rotor
Capacitor is required for operation. Capacitor supplied with 115VAC motors.
Note: Typical data subject to change without notification.


LY42MM Direct Drive Mechanical Drawing
LY42MM Geared Drive Mechanical Drawing
LY42MM Direct Drive Motor Specifications
LY42MM Geared Drive Motor Specifications

LY35mm Options
 Motor FamilyGearingMotor SizeVoltageGear
Gear Box
OptionsLYD=Direct Drive
024=24VAC 50/60Hz
115=115VAC 50/60Hz
Gear OptionsP=Pear-Shaped Gearbox

Current applied to the blue and red leads produces CW rotation. Switching the current to the blue and black leads produces CCW rotation