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TEL  Sealed illuniated and non-illuminated keypads

TEL keypads are sealed from potentially harmful environments with a continuous front membrane. Standard 12-key telephone and 16-key hexidecimal II layouts feature matrix circuits (common point available - contact Beckwith Electronics). LED illuminated models feature individual circuits to light each key on actuation. Reliable performance is assured with more than 1-million operations. These keypads are particularly recommended for frequent operation in factory, outdoor, and heavy use locations. .

  1. Dependable sealed keypads for aggressive conditions
  2. Hot stamp legends on polycarbonate buttons
  3. Matrix circuits standard, common point available
  4. Individual key LED illumination
  5. Telephone and hexidecimal II layouts
  6. Over 1-million operations

TEL Keypad
12-key, telephone layoutTEL 12150 10TEL 12150 44
16-key,hexidecimal II layoutTEL 16250 10TEL 16250 44

*Consult Beckwith Electronics for other colors
24 V/50 mA nominal
50V max.
10mV/1 mA min.
1 W nominal power
Contact circuit resistance
< 200 M Ohms
50 mV/10 mA
Insulation resistance>1,000 M Ohms, 100 VDC
Operating force5.0 N+30%
Travel0.7 mm +0.3 mm
Operating life>1-million operations
Vibration resistance2000/10 Hz, 10 cycles, 10 G
Mechanical shock resistance
100 G (NFC 20708)
40 G/100 (NFC 20724)
E.D.S. protection5000 V
Operating temperature-25 to +85°C
Storage temperature-40 to +85°C
SealingIP 67
Damp heat21 days (NFC 20703)
Saline mist48 hours (NFC 20711)

12-key keypad

16-key keypad

Key location for electrical wiring