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SMT MICRO-COSMOS  Surface mount tactile key switches

Discontinued, for reference only

Surface mount version of MICRO-COSMOS is designed to withstand all SMT soldering processes including infrared, vapor phase reflow, double wave, etc. A semi-spherical silicone membrane reinforces the tactile feel and allows mounting the switch under a film overlay without installing an additional actuator button.

standard silver plated
(2 u) on nickel
24 V/20 mA nominal
50V max.
100 mV/10 mA min.
0.5 W nominal power
<100 M Ohms initial resistance
heavy gold plated
(0.5 u) on nickel
24 V/20 mA nominal
50V max
10 mV/500 uA min
0.5 W nominal power
<20 M Ohms initial resistance
Dielectric strength250 V RMS, 50 Hz
Insulation resistance>1,000 M Ohms, 100 VDC
Insulation, self-extinguishing
glass-filled thermoplastic,
94V-0 (UL-94)
Operating force4.2N
Operating travel0.50 mm mean value
Total travel0.80 mm mean value
Maximum bounce<5 msec
Operating life1-million operations
Vibration resistance
10-2000 Hz, 0.75 mm, 10 g
test time: 2 hrs, 30 min
Mechanical shock resistance100 G, 6 msec
Terminals4 u SnPb on nickel
Operating & storage temperature:
Standard silver
Heavy gold
-55 to + 85°C
-55 to +125°C
Damp heat (IEC 512-6)21 days
sealed for soldering and immersion
cleaning in solvents. Max. immersion
time: 90 sec
Soldering time:
60 sec/200°C
10 sec/260°C

Ordering Information
DescriptionPart Number
Standard Silver
Heavy Gold
For automatic insertion
50 units per dispensing tubeMC 10311 92MC 12511 92
former part number:MC 10311 91 SMC 12511 91 S
1200 units per tape reelMC 10311 91MC 12511 91
former part number:MC 10311 91 BMC 12511 91 B