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COSMOS  Illuminated or non- illuminatedtactile feel key switches

Dependable COSMOS key switch modules offer a distinct tactile feel for use with all types of instruments, controls, and equipment. Contacts and terminals are sealed against dust, liquid splashes, wave soldering flux, and washdown solvents. Illuminated COSMOS models combine LEDs with a selection of lens styles suitable for panel use or for installation under membrane-type overlays. The small size and square shape allow the modular switches to be used as building blocks on a 2.54 mm matrix.

  1. Standard silver or heavy gold plated contacts
  2. 12.3 x 12.3 mm square matrix modules
  3. LED full-lens illuminated models available
  4. Selection of buttons, lenses, covers, and legends
  5. Sealed for soldering and immersion solvent cleaning
  6. 1-million operations

standard silver plated (2 u)
24 V/125 mA nominal
50V max.
100 mV/10mA min.
3 W nominal power
heavy gold plated (0.5 u)
24 V/125 mA nominal
50V max
10 mV/500 uA min
3 W nominal power
both: <20 M Ohms resistance
Dielectric strength300 V RMS, 50 Hz
Insulation resistance>1,000 M Ohms, 100 VDC
Insulation, self-extinguishingglass-filled polyamide, 94V-0 (UL94)
Operating force3 N
Operating travel0.4 mm nominal, 0.65 mm max
Overtravel0.25 mm
Maximum bounce<100 usec
Operating life1-million operations
Vibration resistance2000/10 Hz, 1.5 mm amplitude
Mechanical shock resistance100 G
standard silver
heavy gold
silver over nickel
gold on nickel
Operating temperature-25 to + 85°C
Storage temperature-40 to + 85°C
Damp heat
standard silver
heavy gold
10 days (NFC 20603)
21 days (NFC 0603)
Saline mist
standard silver
heavy gold
24 hours (NFC 20611)
96 hours (NFC 20611)
Sealed for soldering and immersion
cleaning in solvents (IEC 68-2-45)
Soldering time5 sec/250°C

Ordering Information
DescriptionPart Number
Standard Silver
Heavy Gold
1-pole 2-position non-illuminated
 81 10101 0081 12151 00
1-pole 2-position illuminated
Red LED81 20101 0281 22151 02
Green LED81 20101 0381 22151 03
Yellow LED81 20101 0481 22151 04

Independent LED circuit

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