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EAO SECME Division

ECO  Economical flush-mount keypads

Low cost, flush mount ECO keypads are available in 12-key telephone and 16-key hexidecimal II layouts. Engineered for more than 1-million operations, the dependable keypads are particularly well suited for data entry, encoding, remote control, telephone, and other high volume applications.

  1. Attractive, economical keypads
  2. Rugged polycarbonate key and case
  3. Common point or matrix circuitry
  4. Easy flush mounting
  5. Telephone and hexidecimal II layouts
  6. More than 1-million operations

ECO Keypads
DescriptionPart Number
12-key, common point, telephone layout
ECO 12100 06
12- key, matrix, telephone layout
ECO 12150 06
16-key, common point, hexidecimal II layout
ECO 16200 06
16-key, matrix, hexidecimal II layout
ECO 16250 06

24 V/20 mA nominal
24V max.
500 mV/10 mA min.
0.5 W nominal power
Contact circuit resistance220 Ohms/1N, 50 mV/10 mA
Insulation resistance>1,000 M Ohms, 100 VDC
Operating force1.2N +35%
Operating travel1.4 mm +0.1 mm
Total travel0.80 mm mean value
Operating life>1-million operations
Vibration resistance55/10 Hz, 10 cycles, 10 G
E.D.S. protection5000 V
Operating temperature-25 to +85°C
Storage temperature-40 to +85°C

12-key telephone keypad

Connector output
(back view)

16-key hexidecimal II keypad

Connector output
(back view)

Key location for electrical wiring