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TACT ECO  Economical surface mount tactile key switches

The surface mount versions of TACT ECO switches are designed for automatic insertion and come packaged in either tape and reel or tube containers. The switches withstand common SMT soldering processes such as wave and vapor phase reflow. Available in regular and washable models and several different actuator heights, units find applications wherever a long lasting tactile switches are needed at very affordable prices.

    Surface mount TACT ECO options
  1. Actuation force, regular SMT: 70, 100, 260 gram
    Actuation force, washable SMT: 260 gram
  2. Switches with square actuator
  3. Caps for square actuators

DescriptionH=height above PCBPart Number
6 mm square, SMT terminals, mounts flat on PCB
Packaging: Tube 78 pieces4.30mmTA 10430 92S
(Tape & reel available)5.00 mmTA 10500 92S
 7.00 mmTA 10700 92S
 9.50 mmTA 10950 92S
12 mm square, SMT terminals, mounts flat on PCB
Packaging:4.30mmTB 15430 92S
Tube, 40 pieces  
Washable 6,3 mm square, SMT terminals, mounts flat on PCB
Packaging:2.30 mmTC 10230 91B
Tape & reel, 2,000 pieces3.10 mmTC 10310 91B
(1900 pieces for 3.70 mm height)3.70 mmTC 10370 91B

12 V/50 mA nominal
100M Ohms resistance max
Dielectric strength250 VAC for 1 minute
Insulation resistance100 M Ohms, 500 VDC
Operating life
standard: 500,000 operations
washable: 100,000 operations
Operating force160 +50 grams
Operating travel
6 xc 6: 0.25 mm nominal
12 x 12: 0.35 mm nominal
Terminalssilver plated
-25 to +70°C operating
-30 to + 80°C storage
Reflow soldering240°C max
Wave solderingWashable only: 260°C, 5 sec max
Base and stemHigh temperature thermoplastic
Coverstainless steel

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6 mm SMT

12 mm SMT

6 mm washable SMT