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1K2   Slide changeover switch

You can replace circuit board jumpers, hard-to-handle wire interconnects, and large selector switches with the SPDT miniature 1K2 slide type changeover switch—the most compact available. A standard (red) or extended (black) slide actuator gives instant recognition of switch position. Generous voltage and current capabilities allow switching almost any PCB load. Heavy gold plated contacts are available for applications requiring dependable operation under extreme environmental conditions.

  1. Choice of standard or heavy gold-plated contacts
  2. High reliability and clear position indication
  3. Straight and angle PCB mounting pins
  4. Sealed base and washing feet for wave soldering
  5. Stackable at 0.1-inch pitch
  6. 10,000 operations

DescriptionPart Number
1-pole, 2-positionStandard Gold
Heavy Gold
Standard red actuator
straight mounting pins
for reference only
09 03201 02
for reference only
19 03201 01
right angle mounting pins
09 10201 02
Extended black actuator
straight mounting pins
09 03290 01
right angle mounting pins
09 10290 01

standard gold plated
(0.5 u) on nickel
12 V/500 mA nominal
24V max., 10 mV/1 mA min
6 W nominal power
Heavy gold plated
(2 u) on nickel
12 V/500 mA nominal,
24V max, 10 mV/1 mA min
6 W nominal power
both <22 M Ohms resistance
Dielectric strength between:
terminals of the same pole:
adjacent switches:
250 V RMS, 50 Hz
2000 V RMS, 50 Hz
Insulation resistance>10,000 M Ohms, 100 VDC
Cap, (same or adjacent poles)<1.5 pF
Operating Life10,000 operations
Nominal operating travel1.60 mm
Vibration resistance500/10 Hz
Mechanical shock resistance50 G
Terminalsgold on nickel
Operating temperature-40 to +85°C
Damp heat
standard gold plated
heavy gold plated
4 days (IEC 68.2.03)
21 days (IEC 68.2.03)
Saline mist
standard gold plated
heavy gold plated
24 hours (IEC 68.2.11)
96 hours (IEC 68.2.11)

    Wave Soldering & Cleaning

  1. Soldering time at 250°C (IEC 68.2.20) is 5 seconds.
  2. Base sealed. Immersion and water jet cleaning not recommended.
  3. Ultrasonic cleaning is forbidden.
  4. Manual soldering required for right angle models and side-by-side mounting.

Dimensions & Mounting
Standard actuator slide
Straight mounting pinsRight angle mounting pins
Extended actuator slide
Straight mounting pins

Right angle mounting pins

PCB mounting holes
and terminal markings
Switch positions

Stacking on PCB