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The AVHP Series has been Discontinued for reference only

AVHP  Vandal-proof keypad with anti-pull-off keys

AVHP keypads trace their origin to a special design for the Telecommunications Administration of France. The heavyduty metal keys, front plate, and mechanism are designed for outdoor anti-vandal service in telephones, ATMs, vending machines, and similar applications. Shouldered pushbuttons cannot be removed. Deeply engraved legends resist defacing by coins, keys, or other tools. Standard 12-key telephone and special 13 to 20-key layouts feature matrix circuits. Reliable keypad performance is assured with more than 1-million operations.

  1. Rugged anti-vandal keypads for public areas
  2. Oblong metal buttons, stainless steel case/front plate
  3. Tactile feel button, matrix circuits
  4. Telephone and special 13 to 20-key layouts
  5. Over 1-million operations

AVHP Keypad
DescriptionPart Number
12-key, telephone layout
AVHP 50124
13- to 20-key layout
Consult Beckwith Electronics
24 V/20 mA nominal
24V max.
50 mV/10 mA min.
0.7W nominal power
Contact circuit resistance<120 Ohms, 50 mV/10 mA
Insulation resistance>1,000 M Ohms, 100 VDC
Operating force3.0 N +20%
Travel2.6 mm
Operating life>1-million operations
Vibration resistance500/10 Hz, 10 cycles, 10 G
Mechanical shock resistance
100 G (CEI 512-4)
40 G/1000 (CEI 512-4)
E.D.S. protection5000 V
Operating temperature-25 to +85°C
Storage temperature-40 to +85°C
SealingIP 52
Damp heat21 days (CEI 512-6)
Dry heat @ 85°C21 days
Saline mist96 hours (CEI 512-6)

12-key telephone-style keypad

13 to 20-key keypad