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S-SERIES  Sealed illuminated vandal-proof keypads

New all-metal, vandal-proof keypads for high-use public applications and heavy duty commercial/industrial use. Feature optional individual key illumination, anti-pull-off keys with tactile feel for positive operation, and front sealing to IP 67 weather and, environmental protection.

  1. Rugged sealed 12- and 16-key keypads
  2. Open or resin-filled keys with yellow LED illumination
  3. Modular design allows mix and match mounting
  4. Custom LED colors and key markings on special order
  5. Up to 4-million operations for dependability

Dimensions & Mounting

Mounting: Keypads may be mounted from the front or back of a panel. Front-mounted keypads need a small opening for the connection to the back of the keypad. Rear-mounted keypads require a cutout as shown in the drawings. For IP 67 sealing, a gasket is used in both cases.

Key Markings: Non-illuminated keys are engraved with the characters filled in black. Illuminated keys have cut-out characters backlighted with a yellow LED. The cut-out portion usually is left open for maximum illumination but can be filled with a transparent resin material for additional sealing. Custom markings and other LED colors may be obtained on special order.

Boldface part numbers are stocking items
(open keys)
(resin filled keys)
Maxtrix wiring S.12150.001 S.12150.141 S.12150.241
Common point wiring S.12100.001 S.12100.141 S.12100.241
Matrix wiring S.16350.001 S.16350.141 S.16350.241
Common point wiring S.16300.001 S.16300.141 S.16300.241
Set of 10 blank keysS.10000.000  

5 V/5 mA nominal
24 V maximum
Contact resistonce<200 ohms
Insulation reisistance>1000 M ohms, 100 VDC
Dielectric strength1500 Vrms, 50 Hz, 1 min.
Operating force1-3 N
Travel1.3 mm + 0.3 mm
Operating life4-million operations
Vibration resistance40 G/1000 Hz (IEC 512-4)
Mechanical shock resistance100 G (IEC 512-4)
E.D.S. protection5000 V
Operating temperature-25 to +85°C
Storage temperature-40 to +85°C
Damp heat21 days (IEC 512-6)
Dry heat10 days @ 85°C (IEC 512-6)
Saline mist96 hours (IEC 512-6)
SealingIP 67

12-key telephone-style keypad

16-key hexidecimal keypad