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KeyPads  A wide variety of styles and features for all applications

Keypads are found in all types of applications today ranging from telephone equipment to data entry, from commercial appliances to heavy machinery. They must withstand the harsh conditions of industrial environments, weather, and destructive attempts at vandalism while reliably performing millions of operations during years of service. The SECME Division of EAO Switch Corp. offers a wide variety of keypad styles and features to meet your specific requirements.

Signal level keypads feature a wide selection of styles, layouts, wiring options, sealing arrangements, llumination, and security. Individual key construction usually employs a dome actuator that produces an audible and tactile feedback.

Keypads are activated through a film overlay as in a membrane switch assembly or by using individual metal or plastic keys.

Anti-vandal styles are available for applications where equipment is exposed to public use and the potential for abuse is great. Some feature specially constructed keys that cannot be removed when used with a simple metal retainer plate.

Models with as few as four or as many as 36 keys are available providing a wide choice for your applications. Many feature flush mounting, various degrees of sealing, and a variety of legend schemes for temporary and permanent key marking. Illuminated keypads allow each key to be individually lighted using LEDs and a circuit independent of the switch contact circuit.

Keypads are used for most data entry applications and to select, operate, control, or program all types of scientific, medical, industrial, and process equipment.

The following data describe and Illustrate 13 different keypad models. Dimensional drawings show sizes, keypad mounting, key arrangements, and typical wiring terminations.

Many special features and options are available on special order. Users should contact Beckwith Electronics for additional information, ordering procedures, and quotes regarding keypads for special applications.

Keypad Comparison Chart
AVLE: Sealed, vandal-proof, anti-pull off keys, illuminated or non-illuniinated, 8-, 12-, 16-, and 20-key.models, gold/gold contacts.
AVSE: Sealed, vandal-proof, non-removable aluminum keys, 12- and 16-key models, stainless steel/gold contacts.
AVHP: Extremely rugged, o-ring sealing, stainless steel construction, vandal-proof, 12 and 13-20 anti-pull off keys, carbon/gold contacts.
Discontinued for reference only

Economical, bright all-metal front, 12-keys, anti-vandal, standard and prernium models, silver ink/gold or silicone rubber/gold contacts.
S-SERIES: Sealed, vandal-proof, anti-pull off metal keys, illuminated or non-illuminated, 12-and 16-key models, carbon/gold contacts.
AVL: Sealed, anti-pull off keys, 12-key illuminated or 16-key non-illuminated models, gold/gold contacts.
AVSF: Sealed, vandal-proof, engraved aluminum keys, 12- and 16-key models, nickel contacts.
PRSF: Sealed, vandal-proof, grey polycarbonate keys, 12- and 16-key layouts, nickel contacts.
TEL: Sealed, illuminated or non-illuminated, 12-, 16-, and 20-key models, gold/gold contacts.
ETFL: Splash-proof, illuminated/non-illuminated, flush mount, 12- and 16-key models, gold/gold contacts.
TFL: Splash-proof, illuminated/non-illuminated, flush mount, 12-and 16-keys, polycarbonate keys.
ECO: Economical, flush mount, 12- and 16-keys, carbon/gold contacts.
CT 83: Economical, flush mount, choice of legends, 12- and 16-key models, (4- and 20- key models available), carbon/gold contacts.