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ECOMETAL  Vandal proof keypads

Discontinued for reference only

SECME's lowest cost anti-vandal keypads, ECOMETAL models are available in 12-key numerical and telephone style layouts. These economical keypads feature robust metal construction and mechanisms designed for up to 2-million operations. Standard model is ideal for indoor or protected applications requiring anti-pull off keys; Premium models use silicone rubber sealing to also prevent contamination from dust, moisture, or corrosives. ECOMETAL key pads are suited for public telephone, vending machine, entry, automatic teller machines and other high volume applications.

  1. Attractive, economical all-metal keypads
  2. Bright chrome finishes
  3. Anti-vandal design and construction
  4. 12-key numerical or telephone layout, matrix circuit
  5. Premium is compatible with 2 of 7 circuit
  6. Easy weather-proof mounting
  7. Up to 2-million operations

Discontinued for reference only

DescriptionPart Number
12-key, matrix circuit, numerical layout
ECOM 12150 30
12- key, matrix circuit, numerical layout
ECOM 12750 30
12-key, matrix circuit, telephone style layout
ECOM 12850 30

Discontinued for reference only

Model StandardPremium
silver ink/gold
24 V/20 mA nom
500 mV/10 mA min
0.5 W nom. power
silicone rubber/gold
24 VDC/100 mA max
Contact resistance<200 Ohms<200 Ohms
Insulation resistance>1,000 M Ohms/100 V>1,000 M Ohms/ 250 V
Operating force1.2 N +30%1.4 N.+25%
Operating travel1.6 mm +0.1 mm1.6 mm+0.1 mm
Operating life1-million operations2-million operations
Operating temperature-20 to + 60°C-30 to + 100°C
Storage temperature-40 to + 65°C-30 to + 100°C
FinishChromeChrome, marine quality process
Sealing weatherproof

Standard ECOMETAL keypad

Button location
for electrical wiring

Matrix X-Y

Connector outputs
(top vies)

Premium ECOMETAL keypad

Button location
for electrical wiring

Matrix C-R

Connector outputs