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AVL/AVSF Keypads  Sealed keypads

The rugged AVL keypad and the less expensive AVSF keypad both offer vandal-proof metal keys with long lasting engraved legends. When fitted behind a metal panel, the keypads are suitable for service under severe conditions. Attractive appearance, sealed construction, and outstanding operating characteristics make them the keypad of choice for process control and machine tool applications. Twelve-key AVL keypads feature gold plated contacts for reliable low-level switching and are available with individually-illuminated or non-iliuminated keys.

  1. Rugged, deeply engraved aluminum keys
  2. AVL offers 12-key illuminated or non-illuminated units
  3. AVSF models have 12- and 16-key layouts
  4. Sealed to IP 67 for use in harsh environments
  5. Positive tactile feel, more than 1-million operations

AVL/AVSF Keypads
DescriptionPart Number
12-key telephone style
AVL 12150 30AVL 12150 34
12- key telephone style
AVSF 12150 30 
16-key hexidecimal II
AVDF 16250 30 

Contacts:AVL: gold/gold, AVSF: nickel/gold
24 V/50 mA nominal, 50 V max.
AVL: 10 mV/1mA min.
AVSF: 5 V/1 mA min
1 W nominal power
AVL:<200 m Ohms initial resistance
AVSF:< 10 Ohms initial resistance
Insulation resistance>1,000 M Ohms, 100 VDC
Operating force
AVL: 5 N,
AVSF:3.6 N + 30%
AVL: 0.7 + 0.3 mm
AVSF:0.55 + 0.1 mm
Operating life>1-million operations
Vibration resistanceAVL: 2000/10 Hz 10 cycles, 10 G
Mechanical shock resistanceAVL: 100 G
E.D.S. protection5000 V
Operating temperature-25 to +85°C
Storage temperature-40 to +85°C
SealingIP 67
Damp heat (CEI 512-6) 21 days
Dry heat (CEI 529)
AVL: 21 days
AVSF: 10 days
Saline mist (CEI 512-6)AVL: 48 hours

12-key telephone-style keypad

16-key hexidecimal II keypad