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EAO Switch

Series 92
Panel-mounted PCB Pushbutton Switches and Indicators

SPST contacts rated at 42 V, 50 mA
More than 1,000,000 operations
Replace complex membrane switch systems
Standard (IP 40) and sealed (IP 67) actuators
Excellent tactile feel
Actuators mount in standard 16 mm front panel hole
LED in single or multi-chip and bi-color

Sealed actuator (IP 67, similar to NEMA 4 and 13)
Series 92 sealed actuators are used whenever an attractive, flush-mount, sealed switch or indicator is needed. They find particular application in hostile environments where rugged dependability is important. Typical applications include instrumentation, industrial equipment, security devices, and food service equipment. Sealed units can often be used in place of expensive, complex membrane switch systems

Standard Actuator (IP 40, similar to NEMA 5)
Series 92 standard actuators are dependable, brightly lighted, general purpose, flush-mount switches. They are used in non-critical environmental conditions where IP 40 protection is adequate.

Interchangeability with Series 84 components
Series 92 actuators can be used with Series 84 switching elements . Also, award-winning Series 84 flush mount pushbutton actuators are designed to be used with Series 92 PCB mounted switch elements.

Mounting the Series 92

Series 92 Ordering Procedure
First order actuator or indicator from table below indicating lens color. Then select switch element or indicator socket, LED or incandescent lamp, and mounting flange (if needed) separately.

Order Lamps Separately.

Series 92 Actuators & Indicators
Order mounting flange, switch element or indicator socket, and LED separately.
Description Color of
Membrane Cap
(IP 67) or
(IP 40)
Panel Protection
White Black Standard (IP 40) Sealed (IP 67)
  X   92-441.000 Opaque Black
92-441.200 Red
92-441.300 Orange
92-441.400 Yellow
92-441.500 Green
92-441.600 Blue
92-441.700 Clear
92-441.800 Opaque Gray
X     92-341.000 Opaque Black
92-341.200 Red
92-341.300 Orange
92-341.400 Yellow
92-341.500 Green
92-341.600 Blue
92-341.700 Clear
92-341.800 Opaque Gray
or Indicator
X   92-358.100 Solar Black
92-358.200 Red
92-358.300 Orange
92-358.400 Yellow
92-358.500 Green
92-358.600 Blue
92-358.700 Clear
92-343.000 Opaque Black
92-343.200 Red
92-343.300 Orange
92-343.400 Yellow
92-343.500 Green
92-343.600 Blue
92-343.700 Clear
92-343.800 Opaque Gray
  X 92-458.100 Solar Black
92-458.200 Red
92-458.300 Orange
92-458.400 Yellow
92-458.500 Green
92-458.600 Blue
92-458.700 Clear
92-443.000 Opaque Black
92-443.200 Red
92-443.300 Orange
92-443.400 Yellow
92-443.500 Green
92-443.600 Blue
92-443.700 Clear
92-443.800 Opaque Gray
Select lens color from the chart below.
* Only available with black or grey opague lens. For other non-illuminated pushbotton
colors, order illuminated unit with no LED.

Series 92 Lenses
Version 0* 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8*
Standard pushbutton (IP 40)   X X X X X X X  
Sealed pushbutton (IP 67) X*   X X X X X X X*
All Indicators     X X X X   X  
0=Black*, 1=Smoked, 2=Red, 3=Orange, 4=Yellow 5=Green, 6=Blue, 7=Clear, 8=Gray*.
*Opaque, do not use for lighted applications.

Single chip, 2.2 V 20 mA
92-482 Red, 92-483 Orange, 92-484 Yellow, 92-485 Green

Multi-chip, 12 V/20 mA
92-942 Red, 92-943 Orange, 92-944 Yellow, 92-945 Green

Bi-color, Red/Green, 12 V 20 mA (with external resistor) 92-945.2/5
Select color: 2=Red, 3=Orange, 4=Yellow, 5=Green

Incandescent Lamp (if illuminated)
For special requirements demanding strong or blue illumination. Use with switch element designed for incandescent lamp.
Incandescent lamp, 24 VDC 20 mA 92-946.30
Incandescent lamp with blue cap, 24 VDC 20 mA 92-46.36

Switch Element or Indicator Socket
Switch element for Led 92-851.342

Switch element with incandescent lamp 92-815.5
Switch element with incandescent lamp and blue cap (special for blue illumination) 92-815.56

Indicator socket 92-800.042

Mounting Flange


Choose the number of mounting flanges needed to secure the printed circuit board. Contact Beckwith Electronics for recommended mounting flange spacing. There is a spacer available to be used where additional support is required. When removing flange, remove PCB fastening screws and use tool 92-971.0 to dismantle mounting flange from actuator.

Contact Beckwith Electronics for Series 92 engraved legends.

Assembled Printed Circuit Board Assembly for Pushbuttons & Indicators
These units provide a single switch (with or without LED illumination) or an indicator on a 0.688 x 1.068 inch printed circuit board for applications where multiple switches on a PC board are not required. The components come assembled and also include single or multi-chip LED, series resistor, screw or solder terminal strip, and mounting flange.

Series 92 Complete Assembly on PCB
Description Single chip LED Mutl-chip LED
Illuminated Pushbutton, screw terminals 92-982.230 Red 12 VDC
92-982.260 Red 24VDC
92-982.330 Orange 12 VDC
92-982.360 Orange 24VDC
92-982.430 Yellow 12 VDC
92-982.460 Yellow 24VDC
92-982.530 Green 12 VDC
92-982.560 Green 24VDC
92-983.230 Red 12 VDC
92-983.260 Red 24VDC
92-983.330 Orange 12 VDC
92-983.360 Orange 24VDC
92-983.430 Yellow 12 VDC
92-983.460 Yellow 24VDC
92-983.530 Green 12 VDC
92-983.560 Green 24VDC
Illuminated Pushbutton, solder terminals 92-982.23 Red 12 VDC
92-982.26 Red 24VDC
92-982.33 Orange 12 VDC
92-982.36 Orange 24VDC
92-982.43 Yellow 12 VDC
92-982.46 Yellow 24VDC
92-982.53 Green 12 VDC
92-982.56 Green 24VDC
Non-Illuminated Pushbutton, screw terminals 92-981.001  
Non-Illuminated Pushbutton, solder terminals Discontinued
for reference only


Indicator, screw terminals 92-985.230 Red 12 VDC
92-985.260 Red 24VDC
92-985.330 Orange 12 VDC
92-985.360 Orange 24VDC
92-985.430 Yellow 12 VDC
92-985.460 Yellow 24VDC
92-985.530 Green 12 VDC
92-985.560 Green 24VDC
92-986.230 Red 12 VDC
92-986.260 Red 24VDC
92-986.330 Orange 12 VDC
92-986.360 Orange 24VDC
92-986.430 Yellow 12 VDC
92-986.460 Yellow 24VDC
92-986.530 Green 12 VDC
92-986.560 Green 24VDC
Indicator, solder terminals 92-985.23 Red 12 VDC
92-985.26 Red 24VDC
92-985.33 Orange 12 VDC
92-985.36 Orange 24VDC
92-985.43 Yellow 12 VDC
92-985.46 Yellow 24VDC
92-985.53 Green 12 VDC
92-985.56 Green 24VDC
Select LED color and voltage: 1st digit LED color: 2=Red, 3=Orange, 4=Yellow, 5=Green. 2nd digit voltage: 3=12 V, 6=24 V.

Series 92 Component Parts
Actuator or Indicator Housing with mounting nut (IP 40)
Actuator or Indicator Housing with mounting nut (IP 67)
Lens for IP 40 Version (select color)
Translucent 92-956.200 Red
92-956.300 Orange
92-956.400 Yellow
92-956.500 Green
92-956.600 Blue
92-956.900 White
Transparent 92-958.200 Red
92-958.300 Orange
92-958.400 Yellow
92-958.500 Green
92-958.600 Blue
92-958.900 White
2=Red, 3=Orange, 4=Yellow, 5=Green, 6=Blue, 9=White
Lens for IP 67 Version (select color) 92-941.200 Red
92-941.300 Orange
92-941.400 Yellow
92-941.500 Green
92-941.600 Blue
92-941.900 White
2=Red, 3=Orange, 4=Yellow, 5=Green, 6=Blue, 9=White
Use when number of actuators is insufficient for PCB size.
Spacer adjusts to panel thicknesses of 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0 mm.
PCB Board
To mount single pushbutton switch or indicator
Dismantling Tool92-971.0

Series 92 PCB Support System

    The EAO Series 92 switching system incorporates a unique technique for spacing and supporting the printed circuit board.
  1. Pushbutton actuators and indicator housings attach to the front panel in a 16 mm hole.
  2. Switch elements and/or indicator sockets solder to the PCB.
  3. Mounting flanges are attached with two screws to the PCB and the entire assembly functions as a stand-off for support and spacing. See "Mounting Information" for suggested positioning of mounting flanges.
  4. The PCB is supported and spaced from the panel front surface at a constant distance of 12 mm (0.473").
  5. For areas on a large PCB where no switches or indicators are mounted but support is needed, EAO has developed a patented, adjustable spacer. The spacer is inserted into a special mount- ing flange which automatically compensates for panel thickness. (See drawing below) The spacer is first attached to the rear of the panel by removing a protective foil which exposes a special high strength adhesive surface. There are four flexible ears on the spacer which prevent the adhesive from contacting the surface. When the PCB is mated with the panel containing switches and indicators, a firm push on the spacer will flex the ears aside and the adhesive will bond to the panel surface. The special mounting flange has insertion steps of 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, and 4 mm which enable the PCB to maintain a constant 12 mm distance from the front panel.
  6. Do not fully tighten the screws which attach the mounting flanges to the PCB until the circuit board and the panel are assembled together. This aids in aligning the components.
  7. The PCB can easily be removed by removing the screws which hold the mounting flange to the PCB.