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EAO Switch

Series 70
Switch Elements and Caps for Membrane Systems

SPST contacts rated at 42V, 50 mA
More than 5-million operations
Gold Contacts
Low 0.4 mm switch travel
Excellent tactile feel
Uses one or two LEDs for illumination

To Order: Select switch element and actuator desired. Then order LEDs separately.


General Information: The Series 70 pushbutton switch elements and caps are ideally suited for designing a complete membrane switching system. Industrial designers can employ custom cap colors, shapes and styles. The low profile switch element design allows construction of very compact panel-to- PCB dimensions.

Applications: Typical applications include: process control, medical instrumentation, audio/video, computer, test & measurement, food processing, telecommunications, security, robotics.

Order Lamps Separately.

Component parts and dimensions
Description Part No. Dimensions
Switch Element
9 mm cap
(cutout for LEDs)
13 mm cap
(cutout for LEDs)
22.5 mm cap
(cutout for LEDs)
18.9 mm cap 770-901.0