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EAO Switch

Series 61
Subminiature Modular Oil & Watertight two and three position keylocks

250 VAC/6A (screw term), 220 VDC/0.5A, 24 VDC/2A
Minimum depth: 1.54" Meets IP 65 and NEMA 4 and 13 specifications
Detachable contact blocks, up to 3 poles
Master key available
Integral terminal cover on solder terminals
Flush mounting adapter available

To order:Select 2- or 3- position keylock actuator, desired switch action, key removable positions, and bezel style. Then select contact block including contact material and terminal type.

Two-Position Keylock Actuators
(Order contact block separately.
Flush mounting adapter available for rectangular and 18 x 18 mm square keylocks


18 x 24 mm
Square Round
18 mm
18 x 18 mm 24 x 24 mm
Momentary A 61-213.10D 61-212.10D 61-215.10D 61-211.10D
Maintained A 61-223.10D 61-222.10D 61-225.10D 61-221.10D
Maintained C 61-223.30D 61-222.30D 61-225.30D 61-221.30D
Maintained A & C 61-223.50D 61-222.50D 61-225.50D 61-221.50D

Flush Mounting Adapters
Description Material Color Former P/N Part Number
24 x 30 mm Rect. Plastic Black 61-993.10 61- 9931.0
Plastic Aluminum-plated 61-993.14 61-9931.4
24 x 24 mm Sq. Plastic Black 61-993.00 61-9930.0
Plastic Aluminum-plated 61-993.04 61-9930.4
25 mm diam. Rnd. Aluminum Natural anodized   61-9932.0

Three-Position Keylock Actuators*
(Order contact block separately.
Flush mounting adapter available for rectangular and 18 x 18 mm square keylocks.)

Action 1

Action 2

Action 3
Maintained C
Momentary B

Action 4
Momentary C
Maintained B
18 x 24 mm
Square Round
18 mm
18 x 18 mm 24 x 24 mm
A 1 61-253.10D 61-252.10D 61-255.10D 61-251.10D
2 61-263.10D 61-262.10D 61-265.10D 61-261.10D
3 61-273.10D 61-272.10D 61-275.10D 61-271.10D
4 61-283.10D 61-282.10D 61-285.10D 61-281.10D
B 2 61-263.20D 61-262.20D 61-265.20D 61-261.20D
4 61-283.20D 61-282.20D 61-285.20D 61-281.20D
C 2 61-263.30D 61-262.30D 61-265.30D 61-261.30D
3 61-273.30D 61-272.30D 61-285.30D 61-271.30D
A & B 2 61-263.40D 61-262.40D 61-265.40D 61-261.40D
4 61-283.40D 61-282.40D 61-285.40D 61-281.40D
A & C 2 61-263.50D 61-262.50D 61-265.50D 61-261.50D
3 61-273.50D 61-272.50D 61-285.50D 61-271.50D
B & C 2 61-263.60D 61-262.60D 61-265.60D 61-261.60D
A, B & C 2 61-263.70D 61-262.70D 61-265.70D 61-261.70D

*Position B operates terminals 21-22 or 23-24, Position C operates terminals 11-12 or 13-14.

Contact Blocks for 2-Position Keylock Switches
Select contact and terminal type
Description Contacts Part Number
1PST, N.O. 61-841.012
2PST, N.O. 61-842.012
3PST, N.O. 61-843.012
1PST, 1 N.C. 61-844.012
2PST, 2 N.C. 61-845.012
3PST,3 N.C. 61-846.012
2PST,N.O./N.C. 61-847.012
3PST,N.O./2 N.C. 61-848.012
3PST,2 N.O./N.C. 61-849.012
Select Contact and Terminal Type
Description Contacts Part Number
1PST, N.O. 61-861.511
2PST, N.O. 61-862.017
2 PST, N.O. 61-862.511
1PST, 1 N.C. 61-864.011
1PST, 1 N.C. 61-864.511
2PST, 2 N.C. 61-865.017
2PST, 2 N.C. 61-865.511
2PST, 2 N.O./N.C. 61-867.017
2PST, N.O./N.C. 61-867.511
Select contact and terminal type where applicable
Contact material (2nd digit): 1=Silver, 2 =Gold over silver (snap-action only), 3 =Gold*
(slow make only). Terminal type (3rd digit): 1=Screw slow-make and silver contact
only), 2 = 0.110" Q.C. plug-in or solder (snap-action only), 7=0.110" Q.C. or solder
(slow -make only)
*Low level to 42 V AC/100 mA.
Contact Blocks for 3-Position
Rotary Switches

(Select Contact and Terminal Type where applicable)
Description Contacts Part Number
2PST, 2 N.O. Snap Action 61-852.0
2PST, 2 N.O. Slow Make 61-872.07
2PST, 2 N.O. Slow Make 61-872.511
2PST, 2 N.C. Snap Action 61-855.0
2PST, 2 N.C. Slow Make 61-875.07
2PST, 2 N.C. Slow Make 61-875.511
2PST, N.C./N.O. Snap Action 61-857.0
2PST, N.O./N.C. Snap Action 61-857.4
2PST, N.O./N.C. Slow Make 67-877.07
2PST, N.O./N.C. Slow Make 61-877.511

Keylock types

The standard five tumber D-type lock mechanism with cut key is available. Two
keys are supplied with each keylock. Key code 311 is the standard stocking item.
There are 134 other key codes available on request. A master key is available.
Spare key part number: 31-989.. (State 3 digit key code)

Series 61 Emergency Keylock Stop Switch

Emergency keylock stop switches are operated by simply pushing on the front operator to immediately break a circuit. They then may be released to reactivate the circuit using a key.

EAO emergency stop switches meet the new EN 418 directive for "foolproof" operation. They prevent teasing the actuator which could result in premature or unreliable operation and eliminate blocking the emergency stop operation by lodging foreign objects behind the actuator.

Standard key code is 1001.
Other numbers available on request.
Spare keys: Part No: 14-978
(state 4 digit key code)

Description Part Number
"Foolproof" emergency keylock stop actuator 61-544.14K

Dimensions & Mounting Information

To prevent rotation, punching tool (Part No. 51-999) produces an anti-rotation projection in the mounting hole.Anti-rotation locking washer (Part No. 51-910) also is available.