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EAO Switch

Series 31
7-Segment LED Readout

Operates at 1.9 VDC
Current per segment: 15 mA
Mimimum depth: 1.54"
Accepts DIP Socket
Seven segment Ga-P element
Includes decimal point

Specifications & Part Number
Description Part Number
The device contains a 7-segment Ga-P element including
decimal point with common anode. Should be current limited
when energized. Supplied with solar black lens. (Common
cathode available upon request, Part Number 31-023.005.)

Technical Information
Part Number 31-023.005
Ta=25°C (77°F)
Min Typ. Max. Unit Conditions
Continuous Current, IF     15 mA per segment, Dp
Pulse Current, IFP     80 mA PW=1 ms
Forward Voltage, VF 1.8 1.9 2.4 V IF=15 mA
Blocking Voltage, BVR     3 V IR=5.0 uA max.
Light Intensity, IV 0.04 0.11   mcd IF=5 mA
Power Drop (Loss), PD     350 mW 7-Segm + Dp.
of VF, CVF
  -2   mV/°C  
Ambient Temperature, Ta -20   +75 °C  

Dimensions & Mounting Information