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EAO Switch

Series 04/14 Buzzers

24 VDC operation
Mimimum depth: 1.38"
Oil and watertight, meets IP 65 and NEMA 4 and 13
Self-contained oscillator

Technical Information
Sound Level >85db @ 0.1m
Sound Frequency 2.8 kHz
Voltage 24 VDC +10%
Current >20mA
Sealing IP65 according to IEC 529
Storage & operating temperatures -25oC to 50oC (-13oF to 122oF)
    Case and plastic front cap Polyamide
    Front cap, metal Chromium-plated brass, salt water proof

Specifications & Part Numbers
Description Part No. Depth from front of panel to rear of switch
24 V DC Buzzer
with plastic front cap
14-810.002 35 mm
24 V DC Buzzer
with metal front cap
14-810.902 35 mm

Connection Information