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EAO Switch

Series 02/03
Push-to-Operate & Emergency

380 VAC/10A, 220 VDC/0.2A, 24 VDC/6 A
Minimum depth: 2.95"
Unique push-to-operate keylock operation
Protection guards available

To order:Select push-to-operate or emergency keylock action, and pushbutton or mushroom cap where applicable.

Keylock Switch Operation
Position "C" is the unlocked position and the pushbutton acts as a momentary switch. In position "A" the pushbutton can be locked in the actuated or unactuated position, or both, depending on choice of keylock operation.
Keylock Codes
There are 10 keylock codes. Keylock code 1 is the standard stocking item. Other key codes upon request. No master key. Two keys are supplied with each keylock.

Push-to-Operate Keylock Part Numbers

Key removable in position A
(A is the locking position)
Series 02 Series 03
2PDT contacts
Locks in actuated position.
02-690.011 03-690.011
2PDT contacts
Locks in unactuated position.
02-691.011 03-691.011
2PDT contacts
Locks in actuated or unactuated position.
02-692.011 03-692.011
2PDT contacts
Locks in unactuated position.
Locks in actuated position
but key not removable.
02-695.011 03-695-011
Emergency Keylock Part Numbers
Push mushroom or pushbutton to lock-off
2PDT contacts.
Pushbutton Operator.
May be actuated without
key by depressing
pushbutton. Key is needed
to deactuate.
02-198.011 03-198.011
2PDT contacts.
Red Mushroom Cap.
May be actuated without
key by depressing cap.
Key is needed to
02-199.011 03-199.011

Protection guards are available in the Accessory section of the catalog. To install protection guards, existing flat bezel must be removed and protection guard inserted in its place.

Series 02/03 Dimension & Mounting Information
Vertical spacing between cutouts is 6 mm (0.236"). For two pole switches, a horizontal spacing of 4 mm (0.158") must be maintained or a terminal cover must be used if spacing is less. Not necessary if voltage is low. A panel punching tool may be supplied on loan.