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EAO Switch

ISO 9000 Quality Certification EAO switches are designed for worldwide applications. All switching products are certified under ISO 9001 the most comprehensive of the ISO 9000 quality programs encompassing design/development, manufacturing, product installation, and customer service. This interna- tional standard of excellence is recognized by more than 90 countries, will become a requirement for selling to certain industries in the EC beginning in 1993, and is being adopted by key U.S. government agencies and OEMs. ISO 9000 certification offers an ongoing quality assurance system recognized the world over and is essential for firms marketing products worldwide. In addition, EAO offers a broad line of international approv- als covering industry standards for most countries including stringent adherence to IEC testing procedures. EAO Your source for great products As a manufacturer of quality, high reliability switches and indicators for instrument and industrial applications, EAO Switch Corporation offers the broadest line of commercial lighted products in the world. Switching elements are available in snap action and low level. Many series offer matching indicators, buzzers, flashers, and key-actuated elements, and all are produced from the finest materials, carefully assembled, and 100% tested. EAO quality is unsurpassed. EAO Your source for great performance Whether your application requires instrument-grade switches or heavy duty oil and watertight units, EAO can fill your requirements without compromise. All EAO switches have the "feel" of quality. They are available with a variety of light sources, some with split screen and two- lamp redundancy, and offer many legend options, such as film inserts and engraving. Lenses and lamps are all front-panel replaceable. Lamps do not travel with switch action, contributing to long lamp life. Illumination is uniform, with no halo or hot spots. Round, square, and rectangular bezels are available, and most can be mounted in a round hole, eliminating the need for special punches. ~ ~ EAO Your source for great service ;l EAO is represented by a complete network of sales ;*.., offices and authorized local distributors, backed by an .-;:: a average of three months of factory stock. Most standard stock items are shipped within 48 hours. EAO parts are also available worldwide, with representation in 30 countries, under the same part numbers for ease in filling replacement needs. EAO Switches are ideally suited for applications in: Q General instrumentation [-1 Medical equipment Q Computers and computer peripherals 1-1 Broadcast equipment Q Communications equipment Q Process control systems l-l Electronic scales Cl Security systems Cl Machinery Cl Robotics The "Feel of Quality" All EAO switches provide an outstanding tactile quality with no hesitation or roughness in operation. Maintained action switches are position-indicating for visual confir- mation of status. All EAO sales offices and distributors are ready to offer technical assistance, evaluation samples, quotes, and delivery of your quantity requirements.