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EAO Switch

Series 04
Miniature 22.5mm (7/8") Oil Tight
two and three position keylock switches

600 VAC/10A, 220 VDC/0.5A, 24 VDC/10A
Minimum depth: 2.01"
Meets IP 65 and NEMA 4 and 13 specifications
Emergency mushroom keylock
Round or square bezel
Momentary or maintained action
Multiple key codes available

To Order: select keylock actuator including positions, key removable positions, bezel style, and lock numbers. Then select up to four contact blocks specifying type of block, contact material, and contact configuration.

Operation of Keylock Actuator and Switch Contact Block
Two and three position keylock actuators have a single cam that actuates the contact block plungers as shown below. (Note that contact blocks can bereversed 180o - be sure that N.O. or N.C. contacts are in the proper location.)

Order Contact Blocks Separately.

Up to four contact blocks may be connected to any one actuator.

Selection Table


KeyLock Switches
2 Positions Key Removable Left
Maintained Right
Round Bezel
Key code = 8

Select lock numbers. Ten different lock numbers are available from 0 to 9 (associated stamped keys 251-260) Keylock code "0" is standard. If keylock code is not specified, keylock numbers will be supplied at random.
* Symbol indicates a position with no operation of the contact block.
**Also available in key removable left position only:
704-125. Round, 704-345., Square.