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EAO Switch

Series 71
Flush Mounting PCB Switching System-Oil & Watertight Switches and Indicators

Easy printed circuit board mounting, contact block mounts directly on PCB, no connector needed
Locking pins attach actuator to contact block
250 VAC/3 A to 5 VAC/10mA, 24 VDC/3 A
Minimum back of panel depth: 1.67"
Flush rectangular, square, and round bezels
Meet IP65 and NEMA 4 and 13 specifications

The new Series 71 switch line offers easy assembly, fast wiring, and a limited number of modular components that provide a broad range of products. The compact, flush mounting indicators, pushbuttons, rotary switches, and keylocks are available with rectangular, square, and round front bezels, plus a selection of lenses, rotary lens caps, and accessories. Legends can be engraved or in the form of film inserts. Actuators are connected to the front panel with a mounting nut; the contact block is soldered directly to the PCB. A locking pin connects the contact block to the actuator. There is no need tor PCB connectors or spacers between the PCB and the front panel. The locking pin (one supplied with each contact block) allows easy assembly and disassembly without special tools. Series 71 switches and indicators typically consist of the basic modular components as shown below. The keylock does not have a lens or rotary knob.

To order: New universal actuators and flush mounting bezels simplify assembling and ordering Series 71 switches and indicators. Simply select a pushbutton, indicator, rotary, or keylock actuator. Then combine the selected actuator with one of the flush mount bezels depending on front appearance (square, rectangular, or round; material; and color). Finish off the assembly by selecting a lens or lens cap, a lamp (if required), and a contact block.

Lamps, Lenses and Contact Blocks Not Included.

Order Lamps Seperately.

Selection Table, Lens and Drawings


Key Cover
Square Black Plastic

Contact block Self-cleaning, double-break, snap-action, 2 x 0.6mm contact opening, gold-plated silver contacts, supplied with one or two 1 N.O., 1 N.C. contact elements
Rating min: 5 VAC/10 mA
max: 250 VAC/3A
24 VDC/3 A
Contact resistance (new) <50 m ohms
Insulation resistance >1012ohms
Electric Strength 2500 VAC, 50 Hz, 1 min. between all terminals and ground
Operations (Cycles) Pushbutton 2-million
Rotary 100,000
Keylock 50,000
Sealing Front: IP 65, contact block: IP 40
Ambient temperature -25 to 55°C (-12 to 131°F)
Storage temperature -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
Soldering heat manual: 300°C (572°F)/10sec
flow: 260°C (500°F)/5 sec
Actuating force pushbutton: 2-3 N
Actuating torque rotary and keylock: 2.5-10 Ncm
Travel pushbutton: 3 mm
Rebound time <1 msec
Shock proof according to IEC 68-2-29 and -27
Eb 6-250-3000/3
Ea 18-300-18/3
Vibration resistance according to IEC 68-2-6
Ec 10'500-0.35/50-30/3
Climatic rating according to IEC 68-2-3