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EAO Switch

Series 61
Subminiature Modular Oil & Watertight two and three position keylocks

250 VAC/6A (screw term), 220 VDC/0.5A, 24 VDC/2A
Minimum depth: 1.54" Meets IP 65 and NEMA 4 and 13 specifications
Detachable contact blocks, up to 3 poles
Master key available
Integral terminal cover on solder terminals
Flush mounting adapter available

To order:Select 2- or 3- position keylock actuator, desired switch action, key removable positions, and bezel style. Then select contact block including contact material and terminal type.

To prevent rotation, punching tool (Part No. 51-999) produces an anti-rotation projection in the mounting hole.Anti-rotation locking washer (Part No. 51-910) also is available.

Selection Table, Drawings

Contact Blocks Not Included.



Two Position Keylock
Rectangular 18mm x 24mm
Key Removable in Position "A & C"