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EAO Switch

Series 51/52
Subminiature Lighted Oil & Watertight Indicators and Pushbuttons (Series 51) and 2- and 3-Position Rotary Switches (series 52) with 16 mm Round Hole Mounting

250 VAC/5 A, 220 VDC/0.1 A, 24 VDC/2 A snap action, 42 VAC/0.1 A, 42 VDC/0.1A low level
Minimum depth: 1.14"
Sealed switches meet IP 65 and NEMA 4 and 13 specifications
Mount in panels to 0.255 inch thick

To order:
Series 51: first select pushbutton or indicator desired, indicating contact and terminal type where applicable. Then order lens and illumination separateky. If pushbutton with contact block is desired, order acutator, contact block, lens and illumination separately.
Series 52: order rotary switch indicatijg contact and terminal type where applicable, Then order lever cap and illumination.

Lamps and Lenses Not Included

Order Lamps Separately.
Selection Table, Lens and Drawings


Lighted Pushbutton
Snap Action Form Z
Combined Momentary/Maintained
Momentary 2PDT and Maintained 1PDT
Contact Material = Silver
Terminal Type = Solder