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EAO Switch

Series 41
Two-Lamp Lighted Pushbuttons and Indicators

Snap Action: 250 VAC/5A, 220VDC/0.1A, 24VDC/2A
Low Level: 42VAC/0.1A, 42VDC/0.1A
Min. Panel depth = 1.44 in.
Snap-in mounting, panels to 0.118 in. thick
Choice or single or split lens
Excellent tactile feel
Front Panel Replaceable Lense and Lamp
Momentary or Maintained action available
Stationary lamp for long life

To order: First select switch indicator desired, indication contact and terminal type, where applicable. Then order lens and illuminator separately.

Order Lamps Separately.

Selection Table, Lens and Drawings
Lamps and Lenses, not included.


Snap Action
4 Pole Form Z Momentary
Contact Material = Silver
Terminal Type = Solder

Ordering Notes: .0 Select contact and terminal type, where applicable
1st digit is always 0 (Case color is black)
Contact material (2nd digit): 1=Silver, 2=Gold over silver
Terminal type (3rd digit): 5=Solder 6=0.078" Q.C.