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EAO Switch

Series 01
Multi-purpose 16 mm pushbuttons

Snap Action: 250 VAC/5A, 220VDC/0.1A, 24VDC/2A
Low Level: 42VAC/0.1A, 42VDC/0.1A
Min. Panel depth = 1.34 in.
Front Panel Replaceable Lense and Lamp
Incadescent lamp, neon, or LED
Combined Momentary/Maintained action available

Order Lamps Separately.

Selection Table, Lens and Drawings
Lamps and Lense, not included.


Momentary 4-pole Form Z Square
Contact Material = Gold
Terminal Type = Solder

Ordering Notes:01-121.0?? Select contact and terminal type, where applicable
1st digit is always 0 (Case color is black)
Contact material (2nd digit): 1=Silver, 2=Gold over silver
Terminal type (3rd digit): 2=0.11=" Q.C., 5=Solder