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Where height is a problem, Aries LO-PRO®file Correct-A-Chiptm daughter boards provide the solution. They re-route circuit paths thus temporarily deferring costly ECO's to your PC board and feature a mere height of .195 [4.95] maximum.
The miniature PCB inside Aries' LO-PRO®file Correct-A-Chiptm detours circuit paths providing the desired electrical connection without additional jumper wires, PC layers, cut traces, or other less desirable alternatives.
Heat resistant dielectric suitable.
Programmed to your wire!!!
Easy to use worksheet included.
Solder on the DIP yourself or have Aries do it...your option.

Body material is black UL 94V-0 Polyester Thermoplastic.
PCB is NEMA Grade FR-4, per MIL-P-13949 Type GF.
Solder pads are 1 oz. min. etched Copper.
Solder pads and solder tail are Copper Alloy CDA 260, 1/4 hard.
Solder tail plating is either 100 u [2.54 um] min. 90/10 Tin/Lead per MIL-T-10727 or 10 u [.25 um] min. Gold per MIL-G-45204 over 50 u [1.27 um] min. Nickel per QQ-N-290.
Operating temperature:
    221°F [105°C] Tin plating,
    257°F [125°C] Gold plating.

Suggested PCB hole size=.038 + .002 [.97 + .05] dia.

"A"= No. of Pins per Row X .100 [2.54] +.060 [.66]
"B"= (No. of Pins per Row - 1) X .100 [2.54]

LO-PRO® file
Correct-A-Chiptm Technology

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20, 24
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