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Uses same surface mount soldering technology as BGA devices.
LGA device is accurately aligned and seated in socket base prior to mounting of top.
Controlled contact deflection.
Simple mounting hardware requiring standard tools.
Intergral threaded mounting inserts in the base solder to top side of PCB and provide ample mounting pressure on device to eliminate need for backing plate on bottom side of PCB. Also reduces strain on solder ball terminations.
Tooling/alignment holes in base provided as an added alignment feature to locate the socket base to the PCO pattern.
Open window or metal top for heat sink application available as a special feature.

Base and lid are UL 94V-0 glass filled LCP; color = natural.
Contacts are heat treated Beryllium Copper Alloy per QQ-C-533.
Contact plating is 30 u [.76 um] min. Gold per MIL-G-45204 over 30-50 u [.76-1.27 um] min. Nickel per QQ-N-290.
Solder ball terminations are 90/10 Lead/Tin.
Solder paste is 63/37 eutectic.
Solder mask is "dryfilm".
Hardware consists of Tin/Nickel plated blind #2-56 threaded inserts and stainless steel slottted screws.
Self inductance = 1.50nH/contact @ 100MHz per EIA 364, Test Proc. 69.
Capacitance = <1pF/contact @ 100MHz per EIA 364, Test proc. 30.
Contact Resistance = 20m Ohms max.
Durability = 20 cycles min.
Contact Normal Force=40-50 grams/contact @.008 -.010 in. deflection.
Currently under qualification testing per EIA/IS-701 and IBM's LGA Certification requirements specification, Version 5.0.
Currently under qualificacation testing per EIA/IS-701 and IBM's LGA Certifacition requirements specification, Version 5.0.

See suggested PCB layout below.

Land Grid Array
Socket, 16x16 Grid,
256 Pin, .050 [1.27] Pitch