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Convert surface mount PQFP packages to an Amp interstitial PGA footprint.
Reduce costs by using less expensive PQFP packages to replace PGA footprints in existing designs.
Pins are mechanically fastened and soldered to board using Aries' patented process, creating a reliable electrical connection and rugged contact.
Consult Beckwith Electronics for panelized form or for mounting of consigned chips.

Body material is black FR-4, .062 [1.58] thick, with 1 oz. min. Copper traces.
Pads are bare Copper protected with Entek® Enthone to eliminate coplanarity concerns and solder bridges associated with hot air solder leveling.
Pin is Brass Alloy 360 1/2 hard per UNS C36000 ASTM-B16-85.
Pin plating is 200 u [5.08 um] min. 93/7 Tin/Lead per MIL-P-81728 over 100 u [2.54 um] min. Nickel per QQ-N-290.
Operating temperature=221°F [105°C].

Suggested PCB hole size=.028 + .003 [.71 + .08] dia.
Will plug into existing PGA footprint with matching pad assignments.

Part No. 97-AQ132D
132 Pin
PQFP to Amp Socket
PGA Footprint
Correct-A-Chiptm Technology