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Aries' Universal Test Socket accepts devices on .300 to .600 [7.62 to 15.24] centers.
All pin count sockets go into PCB with either .300 or .600 [7.62 to 15.24] centers.
Contacts are normally closed to eliminate dependence on plastic to sustain contact.
Socket handle can be configured with closed contacts (on) when in the UP or DOWN position, and can be mounted on either the right or left side.
Sockets can be soldered into PCBs or plugged into any socket. Socket fits into Aries' or any competitive test socket receptacle.

Socket body is natural UL 94V-0 Glass-filled Poly Ether Ether Ketone (PEEK).
Handle is Stainless Steel.
Contacts are Beryllium Nickel Alloy 360, 1/2 hard.
Contact plating is 50 u [1.27 um] Nickel Boron.
Contact current rating=1 Amp.
Operating temperature=482°F [250°C].
Retention Force (when closed) = 55 grams/pin based on a .020 [.51] diameter test lead.
Insulation resistance=1000M Ohms min.
Dielectric withstanding voltage=1000 VAC.
Life cycle: 25,000 to 50,000 cycles.
Accepts leads .015-.045 [.38-1.14] wide, .110-.280 [2.79-7.11] long.

See socket footprint below.

"A"=(No. of Pins per Row X .100 [2.54]) + .590 [14.99]
"B"=(No. of Pins per Row -1) X .100 [2.54]
"C"=(No. of Pins per Row X .100 [2.54]) + .415 [10.54]

Series X55X
High Temperature
Universal Zero Insertion
Force DIP Test Socket

Selection Table and Drawings


44 Pins
.300 Row Spacing
Handle: Left, Up is Closed
Solder Tail
Nickel Boron Plating