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Open frame allows for more efficient utilization of board space and better cooling.
Choose from several pin styles.
Compatible with automatic insertion equipment.
Side-to-side and end-to-end stackable.

Body material is blue UL 94V-0 Glass-filled Polyester Thermoplastic (PBT).
Pin body is Brass Alloy 360 1/2 hard per UNS C36000 ASTM-B16-85.
Pin body plating is either 10 u [.25 um] min. Gold per MIL-G-45204 or 200 u [5.08 um] min. 93/7 Tin/Lead per MIL-P-81728 over 100 u [2.54 um] min. Nickel per QQ-N-290.
4-fingered collet contact is Beryllium Copper Alloy per UNS C17200 ASTM-B194-92.
Contact plating is either 150 u [3.81 um] min. 93/7 Tin/Lead per MIL-P-81728 or 10 u [.25 um] Gold per MIL-G-45204 over 50 u min. [1.27 um] Nickel per QQ-N-290. Heavy 30 u [.76 um] Gold plating also available.
Contact current rating=3 Amps.
Operating temperature:
    221°F [105°C] Tin plating,
    257°F [125°C] Gold plating.
Insertion Force=180 grams/pin; Withdrawal Force=90 grams/pin; Normal Force=140 grams/pin; Midget pin: Insertion Force=370 grams/pin, Withdrawal Force=150 grams/pin, Normal Force=240 grams/pin; based on a .018 [.46] dia. test lead.
Accepts leads .015-.025 [.38-.64] in dia.; midget pin accepts up to .022 [.56] dia.
Accepts lead lengths from .100 [2.54] min; midget pin accepts lead lengths from .080 [2.03].

Suggested PCB hole size=
    Solder tail & extra long pin=.030 + .002 [.76 + .05] dia.
    Midget pin=.040 + .002 [1.02 + .05] dia.

"W"= No. of Pins per Row X .100 [2.54]
"X"= (No. of Pins per Row - 1) X .100 [2.54]

Series 518
Open Frame Collet Sockets
with Solder Tail Pins

Selection Table and Drawings


24 Pins
.300 Row Spacing
Solder Tail
Gold Collet, Gold Shell
Extra Long Solder Tail
Body Style B