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Allows for breadboarding or substitution of microgate SOT-23A-6 and SOT-25 IC and transistor packages into .100 [2.54] pitch proto boards or PC boards.
Solder masked topside pads allow user to hand solder devices directly to topside of adapter with fewer problems of solder bridging.
Longer male bottom pins are available at special request for easy use of probe clips.
Large topside pads allow for soldering test pins, jumpers, etc. to top of adapter.

Board material is .062 [1.58] thick FR-4 with 1 oz. min. Copper traces, both sides.
Pads are HASL.
Pins are Brass Alloy 360 1/2 hard per UNS C36000 ASTM-B16-85.
Pin plating is 200 u [5.08 um] min. 93/7 Tin/Lead per MIL-P-81728 Type 1 over 100 u [2.54 um] min. Nickel per QQ-N-290.
Operating temperature=221°F [105°C].

Suggested PCB hole size=.028 +.003 [.71 + .08] dia.

Part No. 1110748
Surface Mount
to DIP Adapter for
SOT-25, SOT-23A-6
Correct-A-Chiptm Technology

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